Q2Q-2: Refusing the queer monolith

What does it mean to actively question what binds us as a queer theatre community and instead support multiple and often overlapping queer communities? How do we create environments that support division without being divisive?

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Q2Q-2: Refusing the Queer Monolith is the second iteration of a national queer theatre conference in Canada

2016 Conference

Scholars of queer theatre and artists came together to discuss current trends and future directions


Through a series of digital longtables, roundtables, and performances, the conference aims to foster discussions and collaboration across the many Queer performance communities.

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Advisory Committee

Elena (or Eli) Belyea
Yolanda Bonnell 
Santiago Guzmán
Darrin Hagen
Tawiah BenEben Mfoafo-M’Carthy
Nikki Shaffeeullah
Anais West
Richie Wilcox

Q2Q-2 graphic design by Francesca Chudnoff