It’s your time to shine: Introducing Q2Q-121, your opportunity to meet face to face with ten of Canada’s most influential queer-identified artist/curators!

The central social networking opportunity at this summer’s Q2Q Symposium Conference in Vancouver, this is your chance to pitch a specific project, share your talent, or simply get some face-time with the Artistic Directors, Producers and Dramaturges of most of Canada’s queer-mandated and queer-inclusive theatre companies and festivals:

-evalyn parry, Buddies in Bad Times (Toronto)
-Matt Ayache, In Arms Theatre (Edmonton)
-Indrit Kasapi, lemonTree Creations (Toronto)
-Sarah Stanley, National Arts Centre (Ottawa)
-Sean Guist, OUTStages Festival (Victoria)
-Kathleen Flaherty, PTC (Vancouver)
-Jay Whitehead, Theatre Outre (Lethbridge)
-Chris Gatchalian, the frank (Vancouver)
-SD Holman, Queer Arts Festival (Vancouver)
-Cameron MacKenzie, ZeeZee Theatre (Vancouver)

To apply, please submit:
-A letter describing your work and experience as a queer-identified theatre and performance creator, and how you feel you can benefit from participating in Q2Q-121
-An up-to-date artistic CV

Submission deadline: June 30th, 2016
submit to info@thefranktheatre.com

You will be given five minutes to pitch your idea with each of the ADs and APs present one-on-one, so keep your entry succinct and to the point! The selected applicants will be notified asap, so accommodations can be made.

In the interest of distributing cultural capital as equitably as possible, priority will be given to applicants with less than 5 years’ professional experience as theatre and performance creators.

PLEASE NOTE: While entries from outside of Vancouver are absolutely encouraged, we cannot subsidize travel and accommodation. However, we would encourage successful out-of-town applicants to apply for the Audience & Market Development Travel Grant from the Canada Council for the Arts to help offset costs.

This is a great opportunity for emerging queer-identified theatre and performance artists. We’ve assembled the Artistic Directors and Producers of virtually all of Canada’s queer-mandated theatre companies and festivals – as well as companies that frequently produce queer work – in one room. Don’t miss your chance to make that connection and plant seeds for potentially fruitful relationships.