Queer Forms

Thursday, July 21, 2016 | 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

From the well-made play to cabaret, stand-up, and spoken word; from devised and documentary theatre to burlesque, installation, and video-based performance: queer artists work across a variety of disciplines. What is the relationship between queer content and queered forms?

Speakers include:
Cordula Quint (Vancouver, BC), “Jordan Tannahill’s New Queer Aesthetic” Quint.TannahillAestheticsofFailure
evalyn parry (Toronto, ON) Re-Form, an informal set list of considerations
Gein Wong (Toronto ON)
Jonathan Seinen (Toronto, ON) A Festival Of Disassembly.Jonathan.Seinen
Lawrence Aronovitch (Toronto, ON) A Queer Theatrical Salon.Lawrence Aronovitch
Rehaset (Toronto, ON) Statement.Rehaset
Robert Leveroos (Vancouver, BC) Statement.Robert Leveroos
The Party (Vancouver, BC) Dear Adventurer
Moderator: Brad Fraser (Toronto, ON)


photos left to right
Richie Wilcox photo by Jamie Vedres
Evalyn Parry photo by Alejandro Santiago
Sky Gilbert