Queer Theatre & Performance Now

Saturday, July 23, 2016 | 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

What is the state of queer theatre and performance in Canada two decades into the new millennium? What topics are being addressed, how are those topics being addressed, and who is addressing them?

Speakers include:
Brendan Healy (Toronto, ON) To thine own self be true.Brendan Healy
David C Jones (Vancouver, BC) Statement.David C. Jones
T. Berto (Toronto/Guelph, ON), “The Politics of Contemporary Queer Theatre in Canada” Divisions within 23 T.Berto
Laine Newman (Toronto, ON), “Proudly Welcoming?” Paper.Laine Zisman Newman
Mel Hague (Toronto, ON) Statement.Mel Hague
Moynan King (Toronto, ON), “Queer Performance in the Post-Millennial Scramble” Paper.Moynan King
Ryan Cunningham (Toronto, ON) 2SpiritOrNotToSpirit.RyanCunningham
Sunny Drake (Toronto, ON) To Blow or Not To Blow. Sunny Drake
Moderator: Gein Wong (Toronto, ON)

photo of Castrati: An Electro Drag Opera, Theatre Outre, original production directed by Richie Wilcox