The Queer Playwright

Friday, July 22, 2016 | 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

As devised, post-dramatic, and interdisciplinary theatricalities become more and more prevalent, where, how and why does the queer playwright function? If what is queer is deconstructive, is “the queer playwright” an oxymoron? And is there a queering that takes place within “traditional” playwriting practices?

Speakers include:
Berend McKenzie (Vancouver, BC) Paper. Berend McKenzie
Brad Fraser (Toronto, ON) Statement.Brad Fraser
C. E. Gatchalian (Vancouver, BC) Video. C.E.Gatchalian
Darrah Teitel (Ottawa, ON) Paper. Darrah Teitel
Dave Deveau (Vancouver, BC) Statement.Dave Deveau
Greg MacArthur (Edmonton, AB) Paper. Greg MacArthur
Lesley Ewen (Vancouver, BC/London, UK) Video. Lesley Ewen
Moderator: Kathleen Oliver (Vancouver, BC)

photos left to right
Brad Fraser
Rehaset photo by Marko Kovacevic
Chris Gatchalian
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