Vancouver 2016

Vancouver Conference (2016)

Q2Q: A Symposium on Queer Theatre and Performance in Canada

On this page you can navigate and explore past conferences. For archival purposes, we have made available the information and videos of roundtables available through this website.

Q2Q 2016: Vancouver July 20-24, 2016

The first Q2Q Conference took place at SFU Woodward’s Goldcorp Centre for the Arts Co-sponsored by Simon Fraser University and the frank theatre company

The 2016 symposium brought scholars of queer Canadian theatre and performance together with the artists, producers, curators and administrators contributing to the vibrancy and diversity of LGBT2Q live arts scenes and cultures across the country. Combining roundtable discussions, networking events, and an evening reading series of new plays, the first Q2Q conference asked what a comparative analysis of contemporary queer performance practices can tell us about current trends and future directions, as well as the importance of documenting the larger historical narrative of Canadian queer theatrical production and reception. Addressing questions of aesthetics, diversity, economics, and form, symposium participants worked together to generate through theory and practice new ways of understanding how queer theatre and performance have contributed to the political and social development of LGBT2Q communities in Canada.

Roundtables and Events